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I offer a bespoke confidential service to individuals and teams covering a wide variety of areas and including:

  1. Senior colleague management and development
    Do you have a senior executive in your organisation who is technically brilliant, but whose interpersonal skills or private life is causing significnat collateral damage? Working confidentially on a 1 to 1 basis we can provide essential feedback and tools to ensure your top performers are not sabotaged by their blind spots or personal weaknesses.

  2. Stress management
    Stress is a ubiquitous feature of modern life. We can work with individuals or teams to look at strategies and tools to ensure that you don’t just survive, but actually thrive and flourish in a rapidly changing environment.

  3. Depression
    Described as the ‘common cold’ of the 21st century, this rarely discussed condition has significant impact on relationships and individual performance. Working with senior individuals confidentially in your organisation we can ensure that with the right support and treatment, the growth and development of your organisation is not derailed.

  4. Work-life balance
    Are you aware of a growing need to re-orientate your busy life around the people and priorities that are important to you and not just the ever increasing demands of others. We can help you create a safe space within which you can grow holistically and protect your own self-care.

  5. Pre-retirement planning
    We can work together in a confidential and collaborative process to help you determine how your future years can be more fulfilling and experienced in your successful corporate career.

  6. Resilience
    How can you and your organisation master change, thrive under pressure and bounce back from setbacks? Your natural ability may have got you to where you are today, but to remain nimble and sure footed, in our ever expanding 21st century world is going to require even more from you. We can work together to have ever increasing energy and passion for what you do best.

  7. Attention Deficit Traits (ADT)
    Marked by distractibility, an inner frenzy and impatience, ADT prevents leaders from clarifying priorities, making smart decisions and managing their time. This is an insidious condition that can turn otherwise talented performers into frenetic underachievers. This is not an illness or a character defect, but often the brain’s natural response to exponentially increasing demands on our time and attention. We can work together to help your key staff re-configure themselves to an optimum level of performance.

This is just a small selection of areas we can work with you on an individual confidential basis or with your senior management team.