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sunilMy hunch is that there are a lot of thinking people out there who are looking for deeper answers to purpose, meaning and fulfilment in all that they do. They are hungry to learn and grow in a way that is holistic, but also sense the superficiality and triviality of so much of modern life. They struggle with negativity both internally and externally, and want to give something back from all that they have been given.

No one remembers the score at half time. No matter what the sport, where you are in the game is irrelevant when compared to the final score. That is what makes sport and life such a challenge.

By anybody’s standards you’ve had a very successful first half.
How ever you want to measure it you have been winning.
You know what it is to enjoy the external trappings of success – the bright shiny objects and all that goes with them.
But you also know that in and of itself that is not enough.
You appreciate how good life has been to you. Your health is better than average. You have drive, energy and stamina. You have a sense that there is so much more you could do and contribute…..

I work collaboratively with senior leaders from all walks of life on a private basis to help them overcome and thrive in complex personal, interpersonal and professional issues they are facing.

I have always been curious about personal growth and why it is that some individuals and teams can dramatically excel in their performance and well being, while others in broadly similar circumstances will stagnate or plateau.