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“Sunil has provided 1:1 coaching and team support to the senior leadership team of Delhi Bible Institute since 2004. In that time we have seen unparallelled growth in our organisation that has been greater than in the previous 50 years since its inception in 1947. From one centre in Delhi we have grown since 2005 to 5 additional centres across North India. Our revenues have increased by 300%. We are an organisation with big dreams and vision. Sunil’s training and teaching has consitently reinforced to us the power of working in a balanced way from the inside out and making our future greater than our past as the only sustainable way to grow and develop. Sunil has not been afraid to appropriately challenge us and without his input and insight I cannot humanly see how we could have grown and deepened the way that we have.

Opening up to Sunil in such a way was to begin with was a scary prospect, but his willingness to non-judgementally and impartially deal with the challenges we have faced has been invaluable in enabling us as an orgnisation and myself personally to grow and overcome a number of different challenges one of which was depression. I am so glad that I did and would strongly recommend his services to anyone who is passionate about developing and deepening every aspect of their life.”

Isaac Shaw

Executive Director, Delhi Bible Institute

“I have known Sunil since 2007. In the time that we have worked together I have seen significant positive change in both my business and personal life. I find Sunil remarkably offers a uniquely holistic life transformation package that has equipped me to grow myself, deepen my family life and negotiate challenges in a way that is true and congruent with my personal values. His access to an unparalleled array of resources and calm wisdom has helped me both deepen my personal life and take a broad view about my life and values. The time I’ve spent with Sunil I’ve found remarkable his truly unique integrity and ability to integrate his ongoing learning into the person he is.”

Davinder Singh

Secretary of a healthcare company.


Working with Sunil has been a truly life changing experience for both of us.

We were attracted by the possibility of working with Sunil to create systems and processes to enable us to take our practice in a new direction. Through our work together we were able stop the poor habits that often meant the demands of the practice dictated the direction of our lives.  

Sunil’s leadership coaching gave us more opportunities for regular times away from the practice when we could feel truly free of management burdens, and on return we found the team had enjoyed the success of their autonomy.  This meant the practice team developed confidence in their own abilities as we took on new innovative ways of planning and organising a working day.  With the development of our team the practice also became more profitable!  Our turnover grew by 6.5% in 2 years, a natural consequence of the expertise and coaching we and our team received from Sunil.  We found that didn’t entail working harder either.  Indeed, we learnt how to have more time for fun in our lives. That is a win in every way possible.  More income and more time off along with a greater sense of purpose and direction both for our practice and our own personal development. When we began we didn’t believe the changes could have been attainable, as we had not gone on a true holiday for over 8 years before we started working with Sunil.

Taking on coaching like this can feel daunting, but if you are willing to work with Sunil and his programme you can expect to see positive change in all areas of your life at a level you may never have even imagined was achievable. 

Your business and life is worth the investment! 

Yvonne and Robert Done

Business owners